Saturday, 25 February 2012

Google to deliver “an array of consumer devices,” to challenge Apple?

Google to deliver “an array of consumer devices,” to challenge Apple?
Google Music is not living up to expectations - that’s the quick summary derived from various Google managers talking to recording labels, CNET learned from inside sources. But that’s not what customers really care deeply about - with Rdio and other monthly subscription services, there are plenty of alternatives. What’s interesting, though, in CNET’s scoop is that Google is once again suggested to be working on hardware.
Googlers allegedly said that the music service will get a big push from Google marketing later on, after Google finishes work on its hardware strategy

And yes, this means that Google will enter in direct competition with Apple over consumer products. CNET says Google will deliver “an array of consumer devices.” Just two weeks ago, it was suggested that the search giant is readying a home entertainment system for music streaming.

When it comes to Google Music, the short story is that it hasn’t lived up to the expectations. It’s nothing to really get overhyped about as it’s only been out for about a quarter or so, but it does worry the music companies.

Google Music centers around Android and the idea to have a music store well integrated with your device, that allows you to download and stream songs. It has support from three of the four major labels, excluding Warner Music Group.

"Google Music is about discovering, purchasing, sharing and enjoying digital music in new, innovative and personalized ways," Google's Andy Rubin said at its launch.

Now, if we could just know how is this related to upcoming hardware with the Google logo... Chime in with your suggestions and opinions below.