Saturday, 10 March 2012

Apple managed to cram 11, 666 mAh battery in the new iPad, 70% more than the iPad 2

How does 11, 666 mAh tablet battery sound to you? Exceptional? Well, that's exactly what Apple managed to do with the new iPad. Despite not being much larger than the iPad 2 - a thickness of 0.37 inches (9.4 mm), while the iPad 2 is only 0.34 inches (8.8 mm) thick - the new iPad has 70% larger battery capacity.
We can't wait for the first disassemble videos to see how exactly Apple managed to achieve this feature. Most of the place inside an iPad is reserved for the battery, as you can see in the thumbnail picture of an iPad 2 disassembly, but the iPad 2 is by no means 70% more compact, so theenergy density must have been increased significantly in the new iPad's battery somehow.

It offers the same 9-10 hours of service as the previous generation, but let's not forget that we have to feed a screen with 3.1 million pixels, and download stuff over LTE with the new iPad. Still, having the same battery life as its predecessor with 70% larger battery capacity proves once again that a high-res screen/powerful graphics/LTE radio combo is a veritable battery hog.