Saturday, 10 March 2012

Nokia to release Meltemi based devices in 2012: Report

A Reuters report suggests that Nokia is going to release new feature phone hardware on the base of its upcoming Meltemi platform, which will replace the current crop of Series 40 devices. Over the past few months, Nokia has been reinforcing its feature phone portfolio with the newly launched ‘Asha’ series of feature phones which have added smartphone like functionality to ultra low end handsets normally called feature phones. Nokia has been forced to innovate on this front as over the last few years low-end Android handsets have eaten into Nokia’s previously untouched area of dominance.

With Meltemi, we can expect more integration of smartphone like functionality in these low-tier devices and perhaps even expect a ramped up app ecosystem similar to the one seen on smartphones. While doing so, Nokia will enhance these low tier devices to work on low bandwidth networks, something it is already doing with the ‘Asha’ series. Previously, Nokia has acquired the Meltemi OS from Trolltech which the company had acquired in late 2010.