Saturday, 28 April 2012

Apple to open private cafeteria in Cupertino for its employees to prevent sensitive info from leaking

Apple will soon be building a new 21,500 square foot cafeteria several blocks away from its main headquarters for which it took permission from the City of Cupertino. According to a report by The Next Web, the facility is being set up to provide a private location to Apple employees workers where they can eat and talk business without having to worry about contenders secretly listening to their conversations. Dan Whisenhunt, Apple’s director of real estate facilities feels socializing outside of the company campus is a “real big issue today in Cupertino,” since most of the important information gets leaked there. Remember how the iPhone 4 was leaked back in 2010 when the device was left behind by an Apple employee accidentally in a bar.

The new facility will offer a full cafeteria as well as private meeting rooms, lounge areas, courtyard space and a 70-space parking garage underneath the cafe. Apple does believe that in order to reduce such incidents, the use of privately-controlled cafes will certainly help. Not just the cafes, the vendor also has a team of undercover Apple security officers who have fired a few employees for discussing sensitive information in open.