Saturday, 14 April 2012

Fake Angry Birds tries to flummox Android users into downloading malware

The Google Play store may be home to more than 400,000 apps, but it is also a breading ground for Android malware. We have pointed out this fact many times. The latest malware to hit the Android platform is particularly dangerous, as it masquerades as the best selling Android game Angry Birds and flummoxes the user into downloading malware. Rovio, the developer of the popular mobile game has confirmed that the fake app disguises itself as Angry Birds Space and tricks the user into downloading malware.

In a statement issued on its website Rovio says “As you get ready to pop pigs in zero gravity, watch out for fake versions of Angry Birds Space, and make sure to download safe by getting the official game from Rovio.”

Security firm Sophos is also saying that the fake game installs malware that can leave an infected device vulnerable to control by hackers. Ever since its launch on March 22, Angry Birds Space has jumped on the top charts of free games on the Google Play store.