Friday, 27 April 2012

HTC and Facebook developing another Android phone: Report

After the HTC Salsa and the ChaCha phones, news is abuzz that Taiwanese handset vendor HTC is currently developing another Android smartphone in collaboration with Facebook. We had known since last year that such kind of a phone was in the works but a recent DigiTimes report has mentioned, this unnamed handset is expected to be launched in the third quarter this year at the earliest. While these previous models had a dedicated Facebook button but this upcoming model, as mentioned in the report, will feature some “customized” UI  and will have a “platform exclusive to Facebook.”

Now by this customized platform what Facebook and HTC are possibly trying to do is change the integration of the app as seen on the earlier devices. This app should be more exhaustive and won’t look the same as the user interface could be different. According to a report published by The Verge, Facebook wants to take the reins of christening (it wants to name the phone itself), marketing and branding of this new handset in its own hands and doesn’t want the vendor to do anything rather than doing the manufacturing bit. Now that is quite unlikely as we don’t think if HTC would wish to sit back as only a dumb smartphone maker. That only time shall tell. Stay tuned in.