Saturday, 14 April 2012

Instagram gets 10 million more users in 10 days since Android launch

Instagram has been in the news for some time. For good reasons obviously, first the popular iOS app entered the world of Android, then came the news that the company had been gobbled up by Facebook for $1 billion. However, more interesting was the fact that the deal was sealed with in three days, with Mark Zuckerberg himself handling the deal. To give some perspective to Instagram’s momentum, we have another factoid. The service has received a bump of 10 million users in just 10 days.  Techcrunch is reporting that it was notified by gram feed creator Rakshith, who noticed Instagram’s 40 millionth user valentionoelbuti.

The momentum behind Instagram is staggering. The app jumped from 30 million to 40 million in just ten days. This also means the app has gained one million users per day on an average for the last ten days. This should not come as a surprise as with the Android launch the app is now available to 500 million new users.