Friday, 20 April 2012

Quad-core Samsung Galaxy S III to score "superlative" benchmarks

Quad-core Samsung Galaxy S III to score

We've seen the game before - Samsung using different processors for the same phone in different regions. We've seen it from others as well, like HTC with the "global" One X with quad-core Tegra 3, and the "local" with Snapdragon S4 for AT&TNow sources say that the Samsung Galaxy S III, or whatever it gets titled come May 3, will also have a "global" version, which will be the one with the quad-core processor, most likely the Exynos 4412. 

That probably means there might be US carrier versions with Snapdragon, but let's not get ahead, May 3 is just around the corner. "As we've seen with Qualcomm's S4, [quad-core] isn't automatically better than a dual-core", the source added, as if to dispel the worries about performance.

He also said, however, to "expect superlative benchmark performance" from the quad-core Galaxy S III. Given that last year's Exynos can hold clock for clock with the new Snapdragon S4, we wouldn't be very surprised if 4412 blows every other Android silicon out of the water.