Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Apple rejecting apps using Dropbox’s SDK: Report

Last year Apple introduced a controversial policy, which forced app developers to remove links inside apps for external subscriptions. Apps like the Amazon Kindle were forced to revert to a Safari link for purchases instead of the user being able to purchase a book from within the app. Apple has introduced a new twist in this policy reports PandoDaily. Dropbox has told PandoDaily that Apple is rejecting apps that use its SDK as Dropbox allows users to create accounts and this in Apple’s opinion falls under the same category as an external subscription.

The main problem for Dropbox is that the new SDK allows authorization of third party apps where it sends the user to Safari for authorization. Apple contends the same page not only allows users to create new accounts but also upgrade to a paid plan. Dropbox has released a new version of the SDK, which eliminates the option to create accounts altogether on iOS, but this is far from clear for first time users.