Friday, 25 May 2012

Asus and Google to ship 7-inch tablet in June: Report

For sometime we have been hearing that Google plans to unveil a sub-$200 tablet. Now Digitimes is reporting Google and Asus have co-developed a 7-inch tablet which will start shipping in June and will hit the market by July. The report cities supply chain sources and states that both companies plan to ship around 600,000 of these devices. Furthermore, the report says that the 7-inch tablet has been under development, but it got delayed as price points could not be reached hence some minor tweaks were made to the device.

While, it is a well know fact that Google plans to have a Nexus program for multiple OEMs, which will reportedly also include tablets, one cannot ignore the hit or miss record of the Digitimes.

Regardless, we do believe that there is a device in the works considering Asus showcased a $249 7-inch tablet at CES which was powered by the Tegra 3, so there is no denying that a high end product at a sub-$200 price is possible.

Giving more fuel to this report is Nvidia’s Kai platform, which is targeting at bringing the Tegra 3 SoC to sub $200 Android tablets and Windows RT tablets.

One thing is for sure, we will see a tablet marketed by Google in the near future, which will perhaps not take on the iPad, but might train its corsairs for the Kindle Fire. Don’t forget, Google I/O is also scheduled for next month, where we might see this tablet.