Monday, 7 May 2012

G&D’s Mobicore security platform to be integrated on the Samsung Galaxy S3

G&D has announced that the newly unveiled Samsung Galaxy S3 will integrate its Mobicore security platform. Thanks to MobiCore, the NFC-capable Samsung Galaxy S3 will be the first mobile device to boast a protected area on its application processor in which security-sensitive applications can be securely run and downloaded dynamically. The MobiCore platform will provide a secure execution environment for mobile payments authentication, emails or corporate VPN access.

The first application installed in the Mobicore-protected area on the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a DRM application which provides digital content with effective protection against misuse.  In addition, G&D’s Trusted Service Management solution will enable organizations such as network operators and banks to install and customize additional security-critical apps in the protected area of the smartphone.