Thursday, 3 May 2012

Microsoft announces Windows Phone developer summit, could announce Windows Phone 8

Yesterday, the boys from Redmond sent out invites for a developer event called Windows Phone Developer Summit. This particular event will be held between June 20 and 21 in San Francisco, California. Obviously, no one knows the importance of developers more than Microsoft and this could be one of the attempts the company is making to attract developer support for the Windows Phone ecosystem.

Curiously, the folks at PocketNow are speculating that Microsoft could perhaps unveil Windows Phone 8 at this very event. This in our summation is not a very crazy thought considering it comes from the guys who leaked internal Microsoft information in regard to Windows Phone 8.

Furthermore, their report notices the different font on the word ‘apps’ in a faux Window Phone device shown in the invite. This focus on apps leads them to believe, that Redmond could perhaps be courting developers for Windows Phone 8.