Friday, 4 May 2012

Opera Mini is available for Bada Users

Good news for bada users: Opera Mini is available for the platform
Hey bada users, how would you like to add a world class browser to your phone and at the same save money by reducing your data traffic by up to 90%? It is possible now that Opera Mini has become available for the bada OS. Opera Mini is used on various platforms by more than 168 million people. Because web pages are loaded on Opera's servers first and are compressed to just a fraction of their size before being sent on your phone, pages load quickly with as much as 90% of your data traffic reduced enabling you to save money on Data charges.
Opera Mini is available for all bada equipped phones running version 2.0 of the software or higher and the initial version of Opera Mini for Bada is 6.5.11. The browser works with both bada and Android and can be installed for free straight from Samsung Apps from your device, through the Kies syncing PC software, or from

"We want to make Opera Mini available everywhere to everyone. For owners of Samsung bada and Android devices, why are you even reading this far? Head over to Samsung Apps and download Opera Mini. I promise you’ll never look back."-Erick Lee, Vice President of Sales and Country Manager for Korea, Opera Software.

Images from Opera Mini for bada Images from Opera Mini for bada