Thursday, 3 May 2012

Samsung officially acknowledges it won’t launch the Galaxy Nexus in India

Samsung will not be launching the Galaxy Nexus in India, the company revealed via its official Twitter account today. This comes as a disappointment considering it is the only pure Google smartphone that is guaranteed to get future Android updates.

Samsung had been giving out mixed signals regarding the launch of the Galaxy Nexus in India. Initially scheduled to be launched in December, the world’s largest smartphone vendor first indicated that the Nexus smartphone launch has been rescheduled for January. At that time, a company spokesperson had told that due to too many product introductions (primarily the Galaxy Note) the Galaxy Nexus launch had been rescheduled for January. Towards the end of January Samsung reached out to a users query on Twitter and indicated that the launch might happen in March but refused to confirm the same. And today it revealed that the smartphone won’t be launched in India at all.

The non-launching of a Nexus device in India is not new. The first Nexus smartphone (with HTC) was never officially launched in India. Even the Nexus S (with Samsung) was introduced in India close to the device’s end of life. From what we hear, Samsung was worried that the Galaxy Nexus would have cannibalized sales of its Galaxy Note phablet. The Galaxy Note has sold really well in India, even exceeding Samsung’s expectations.

Then there is the little matter of the Galaxy S III, which Samsung would be unveiling in London tomorrow. If rumors are to be believed, Samsung could launch the device in multiple countries as early as next week and it would want users to buy it instead of the Galaxy Nexus.

While we agree that it is Samsung’s prerogative whether it wants to launch a product in India or not, the least it can do then is to provide timely Android updates to its non-Nexus users. Being the world’s (and India’s) largest smartphone vendor comes with its own set of responsibilities and so far Samsung’s performance has not been up to the mark.