Friday, 25 May 2012

Sony introduces the PlayStation 2 Eye Toy bundle for Rs 5,990

Sony has launched the PlayStation 2 Eye Toy bundle for Rs 5,990. The bundle will include a PlayStation 2 console, an eye toy camera and a copy of the Eye Toy: Play 3 game.

In addition to this, Sony is introducing a series of Eye Toy games that will retail for Rs 499. Some of these Eye Toy games include – Astro Zoo, EyeToy: Play Sports, EyeToy: Play and EyeToy: Play 2. Notably, the free copy of Eye Toy: Play 3 disk will include games like Volleyball, Bowling, Touchdown, DJ, Be the Band, Maestro, Beauty Salon, Ghost Grab, Boot Camp, Monkey Rampage, Kitty Loves Me, and Athletics.

Sony also mentions that the PlayStation 2 is the best selling console in India. This is interesting because, the PlayStation 2 was introduced almost twelve years ago and since then many superior consoles like the Xbox 360 and Sony’s own PlayStation 3 have come up. Having said that, the PlayStation 2 remains popular due to the relatively affordable price tags of PlayStation 2 software and I dare say the easy piracy of the platform in India.