Friday, 1 June 2012

Nokia 808 PureView countdown timer goes live, to launch on June 6 in India

Nokia 808 PureView countdown timer goes live, T minus 108 hours
It looks like the Nokia 808 PureView is finally ready to hit the shelves, at least in some markets. If you visit, you will be greeted by a countdown timer suggesting that the smartphone will launch in India on June 5, or in approximately 108 hours as of this post. The web site seems legit, so those of you who are anticipating the 808 PureView launch can mark the date in your calendars.
Last time we checked, the Nokia 808 PureView was supposedly scheduled for a May release in Russia and India, with other markets to follow after that. In the U.K., however, the smartphone is not likely to be in stock before the second half of July. Eventually, U.S. consumers will be able to get one as well, but at full retail price.