Friday, 17 July 2015

Huawei Honor may be launched on 21st Jyly '15

Image result for honor 4a
Huawei is in the midst of accepting pre-orders for the Huawei Honor 7 with 9 million units reserved after the first week. Now, the manufacturer is teasing a new Honor branded model called the Huawei Honor 4A. The device will be unveiled on July 21st during the Huawei Summer Whirlwind Festival. The latter takes place between July 21st and July 23rd.

The Huawei Honor 4A unveiling will occur at the Beijing Galaxy Soho in China. A pair of Chinese artists, Song Dong Ye and Peng Dan, will attend the launch event. This, plus the musical instruments seen on the teaser, would seem to indicate that the Honor 4A will be a music-centric device.

Besides the expected unveiling of the Huawei Honor 4A during the Festival, the manufacturer will be listing a number of discounted devices for sale that will be available while the Festival is taking place. Perhaps you'll be able to find that Huawei device you've been jonesing for, at a very acceptable price. All of the action takes place starting next Tuesday.