The Good The Breville Precision brews coffee quickly and with superb consistency. lets you control water temperature, flow rate and pre-soak time. It makes cold brew automatically and without special filters. It accepts both cone and flat-bottom filters.

The Bad You need to buy an extra accessory to use its pour over mode best. It's expensive.

The Bottom Line Coffee tinkerers will love the Breville Precision Brewer's impressive level of control but it's overkill for most drip drinkers.

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  • Performance 8.0
  • Design 7.5
  • Features 9.0
  • Maintenance 7.5

8.0 Overall


Makes drip precisely how you want it

Brian Bennett

The $300 (converts to about £215, AU$385) Breville Precision Brewer is not your average drip coffee maker. It doesn't just brew big pots of tasty joe. It does so quickly and with robotic consistency, but it's also incredibly flexible. The Precision accepts both cone and flat-bottom filters. It lets you customize key brewing factors, too. That includes water temperature, flow rate and length of pre-soak. The Precision creates cold brew as well, automatically and without making a mess.

Still, $300 is a lot to pay for any drip machine. If you have no desire to play home barista and just want tasty joe fast, this gadget is overkill. The better deal for you is the dead simple $190 (converts to £140, AU$245) Bonavita Connoisseur. You should also consider the $300 (£200 and AU$379) Technivorm Moccamaster KBT 741. It's swift, just as easy to use plus keeps its coffee hot all morning long.

Ordinary only on the outside

The Breville Precision Brewer shares the same basic shape of other premium drip coffee makers. Like the Bonavita Connoisseur and Technivorm Moccamaster models, the Precision's parts sit on a long, narrow base. On the machine's left side is a tower that houses the heating system, supporting electronics and controls. Above that is a water reservoir constructed of clear plastic.

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