Suvie countertop oven automates meal prep

Ashlee Clark-Thompson

A new startup wants you to clear your countertop for a Wi-Fi-enabled appliance that's part refrigerator, part cooker. The Suvie kitchen robot uses water to both refrigerate your food and cook an entire meal. Suvie's creators will launch a Kickstarter campaign on Feb. 6 to take preorders for the countertop oven, which will start at $429.

We've seen a growing number of small, smart countertop ovens. The June Intelligent Oven and the Tovala Smart Oven ($399.00 at Tovala) use a combination of internet connectivity and automated cooking to solve the problem of what's for dinner. But the Suvie's ability to refrigerate your food is new for this growing appliance category. Because your food will stay at a safe temperature until it cooks, you can put it in the Suvie in the morning, and the only thing you'll have to do when you get home is plate your food and maybe add a little char under the Suvie's broiler. The Mellow sous vide machine also has a refrigeration feature, but it's limited to foods you can prepare in a water bath.

"The real benefit of mobile-controlled appliances is only when they can go from storage to cooking," said Robin Liss, the CEO and co-founder of Suvie. (Liss is also the founder and former CEO of the consumer electronics review site

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