Sunday, 9 August 2015

Reliance Jio Infocomm network showing up during manual network search

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After the launch of Airtel 4G services in 296 cities of India, Reliance Jio is also gearing up for its launch. This will surely heat up the competition in 4G services across India. 3G plans offered by various operators across India are still unaffordable by large consumers. It is expected that after Reliance Jio services gets operational, the rates will surely go down for 3G & 4G services.

Friday, 17 July 2015

HTC One M9+ launced in Europe, it's a larger One M9 with a Quad HD display and fingerprint scanner

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If one thing's for certain by now, it's that HTC's plan for 2015 was quite ambitious. We've got the HTC One M9, the One E9+, the One ME, and even the One M9+. All of these are high-end devices with top shelf hardware packed within, but for a while now we thought they were just slight variations of the same formula, aimed to satisfy the needs of different markets. That's probably true to a extent, but today's announcement of the One M9+ for European markets shows that the company is willing to saturate its premium product line and let its own boys battle for consumers' hearts.

$80 Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile phones, powered by Snapdragon 210

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Microsoft is allegedly working on two low-end Windows 10 Mobile handsets that it plans to introduce in the $80 range or below, though it is hedging its bets by probing other potential makers for entry level Windows phones, too. These budget handsets are destined to take advantage of the burgeoning China market for LTE phones, which has increased several times just in the past year alone.

"The Mother of all Sequels" Rovio's Angry Birds 2 to hit app stores on July 30

The very first Angry Birds game was released in 2009, when Rovio was just another little-known company that developed game after game without really making a splash. Launched as Rovio's 52th title, Angry Birds became a hit in 2010: by the end of the year, over 12 million copies had been downloaded. Since then, more than 10 other Angry Birds games have been released, most of them being very successful. But now it's time for what Rovio is calling "the mother of all sequels": Angry Birds 2.

Huawei Honor may be launched on 21st Jyly '15

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Huawei is in the midst of accepting pre-orders for the Huawei Honor 7 with 9 million units reserved after the first week. Now, the manufacturer is teasing a new Honor branded model called the Huawei Honor 4A. The device will be unveiled on July 21st during the Huawei Summer Whirlwind Festival. The latter takes place between July 21st and July 23rd.

Galaxy Note 5 3D reveals the best look at Samsung’s forthcoming phablet

samsung-galaxy-note-5-3d-render (1)
As per rumors the Galaxy Note 5 launch is less than a month away, and leaks are coming in thick and fast. Adding to the already long list is a bunch of 3D renders that really bring the forthcoming phablet to life.

OnePlus 2016 flagship killer phone " OnePlus 2"

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OnePlus today revealed a list of partners that helped it make the OnePlus 2, its brand new handset that will be officially announced on July 27. While there are no surprising names on the list (not even Samsung, which, as you may know, is supplying components for many of its rivals, including Apple), there is one surprising thing about all this: OnePlus says that its upcoming smartphone is "the 2016 flagship killer." But we're in 2015, and the OnePlus 2 will certainly be released this year, possibly shortly after its July 27 announcement.

Chinese manufacturer Huawei to build and sell smartphones in India

In the wake of reports claiming that Foxconn is looking to establish manufacturing in India, effectively moving a part of iPhone production to the country, and Xiaomi trying to build a solid foothold there as well, it seems Huawei might actually beat both. Reuters reports that the latter has been greenlighted by India's Ministry of Home Affairs to build and sell its own handsets in the country, which means that it's just a few final approvals away from finalizing the agreement.